Race FAQ’s & Contact

Be sure to read the entire Race Details page in addition to this FAQ to make sure you have all the necessary info about Tour of the Battenkill.

Live Event FAQs

Can I change my team name after I register?

Yes, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll make that change for you.

How will the mass start work?

All distances will employ a mass start with a neutral roll out. The first 7 miles of the race will feature a rolling road closure with a full police escort.

Do I need a racing license?

No racing license is required for the fondo categories. Participants must simply sign a waiver.

Where does my entry fee go?

More than 400 volunteers, 80 police officers, 50 EMS personnel, and 60 staff are onsite and on course each day of the event to provide the safest and most enjoyable cycling experience possible. There are virtually no other amateur road cycling events in North America that compare in terms of complexity and preparation. While many other events are run entirely by volunteers, an event of this size and scope makes that prospect impractical and impossible.

Your entry fee ensures that the event is sustainable for the future and worthwhile to the many people and civic groups who contribute their time and resources to the event each year. The Tour of the Battenkill is a year-long project for several staff members, and is one of only a select few races in North America that offers a single loop road race with more than 75 distinct corners, over paved and dirt roads, and through more than 6 municipalities.

Should I use a road bike or a cross bike?

Riders may use any bike in good working order for either fondo. Riders should ride the style of bicycle on which they are most comfortable while riding on both paved and dirt roads. The overwhelming majority of racers use a standard road bicycle, though cross bikes are sometimes used.

What are the official rules?
  • All riders must stay to the right or on the shoulder & ride single file when in traffic to allow vehicles to pass.
  • All riders must obey all traffic signals unless law enforcement is present
  • All riders must wear a helmet when riding.
  • All riders must yield to emergency vehicles.
  • No littering of any kind
  • Bicycles must be in good working order with two working brakes (front & back).
  • Failure to comply with event rules may result in disqualification.
Is there neutral support?

Mechanical Moto support will be provided on the course for minor repairs and assistance (flat tires, etc.).  Please move to the right side of the road off the course to receive assistance.

Will there be medics on site?
To minimize response times to accidents on the course, we position EMS units at strategic locations and also have a full medical team at the start/finish line.
Can I switch distances?

Yes! To change your distance, login to your account at https://venturesendurance.enmotive.com/users/account. From there, locate your Tour of the Battenkill registration under Current & Upcoming Events, then choose the ‘View Registration’ option under the Actions dropdown. On your registration page, click “Edit” next to ‘Category’, then choose your desired distance. If you choose to upgrade to a longer distance, you’ll be charged the difference in price. No refunds will be given if you downgrade to a shorter distance.

What are the three distances?

The legendary 75.7-mile Gran Fondo, a 45-mile Medio Fondo, and the 24.2-mile Piccolo Fondo.

Where can I check to see if I'm registered?

You can check via this link!

Where is the venue for the ride?

The Washington Fairgrounds will be the host for 2024 Tour of the Battenkill. We will start and end the ride at this wonderful venue!

What lodging and accommodations are available?

There will be camping avilable at the Washington Fairgrounds for Friday and Saturday night of ride weekend. There are also many different hotel and Airbnb options available, however please note there is no transportation provided by us to the Washington Fairgrounds. There is plenty of parking availble at the venue as well.

Use our Hotel Planner Below!


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